Hall of Fame

NYGFL Hall of Fame


Since 2015, the NYGFL has recognized outstanding members of the NYGFL community for both their tenacity on the field and their dedication to the league by inducting them into the Hall of Fame.

One of the highest honors within our league, the NYGFL Hall of Fame serves to recognize the achievements and contributions its members have made to both the sport of flag football and to the LGBTQIA+ community.


In order to join the NYGFL Hall of Fame, members must have had a tenure of 10 seasons in the Open Division or 6 seasons in the Women's+ Division, be in good standing with the league, and be selected for induction by the Hall of Fame Committee (comprised of those already in the Hall of Fame) based on their contributions on and off the field, both locally and nationally.

Briana Jacobson

Sam Lehman

Regan McKendry

Amanda Metcalf

Norman Piasecki

Jamar Wilson

Eagle (Derek Danton)

Kelvin Cabrera

Maya Shoham-Marquez

Steve Tedaldi

Stonewall (Kurt Kelly)

Suzy Eckhart

Chrissy Guerrero

James Riedel

New York Warriors

Leslie Goldstein

Shigeo James Iwamiya

Vinny Maniscalco

Paul Sokolson

Samantha Rappaport

Greco Empire (John Greco)

Stephen Osada

Rory Ray

Vanessa Villanova

Hal Gilenson

Tim Hughes

Rachel Nord

Stacey Schwartz

Stephen Vellecca

Tierney Bryce

Wade Davis

Jackie Dupree (James Coles)

Corey Johnson

Robin Kuhns

Joey Rivera

Michael Colgrove

Alon Hacohen

Molly Lenore

Mike Pinelli

Cyd Ziegler